Tuesday, October 18, 2016


A head-on view of Wolf's crazy scroll; a hallmark of a Florenus scroll.

M'kay, now that I've gotten you all thoroughly confused, with what seems like a bunch of unrelated pictures of stuff you don't care about, let me see if I can untangle this mess for ya. Up top, in all of his imperfect glory, is the head-on view of Wolf's scroll. This is generally NOT what a luthier wants a prospective buyer to see first thing out of the gate. The little scroll below it is a scroll of a Florenus violin that went for 110,000.00 dollars American at auction and people failed to understand why the thing was so expensive. They obviously hadn't heard what it sounded like. The photo on the left is the exemplar that is used in huge auction houses, snooty string books and the like. Wolf has a page and we didn't even know it. Go figure. He musta been in the Witness Protection Program when I ran across him.

The shiny, beautiful scroll in the bottom-right of this grouping IS what the seller wants you to see, with the gorgeous serif and (I took this picture and I really did not do Wolf's scroll justice) the beautifully tightened coil, like a snail's shell, invoking a Fibonacci sequence,  (0,1,1,2,3,5,8, etc.), really add to the value of these instruments and in fact, all instruments. The Gofriller cellos and basses sport some of the most beautiful and unique scrolls and their pegboxes have characteristics that no other non-fretted instruments have. 


These are things of grace and beauty and I've been fortunate to see a few in real life.

Anyway, The Gofrillers were made in Cremona and the Florenuses were made in Bologna. There are slight differences, but the Italians are wonderful instruments in the main, and they've held up well over the centuries. That's today's history lesson, and kinda short for me.

I'm keeping all of this short today, because I'm working on several things and I have goals to make and promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. If you came here from a link I posted on Twitter or on Facebook, and you would like a clue as to what I'm up to, I urge you to go to my main blog "Homeless Chronicles in Tampa" and hunt around on there for the link here; you might find a hint. If you clicked on that link and came here from that link, you're in suspense and well you should be. More to come; back to creeping!

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